Zach’s Story

Zach Slevin

“The Future Center does a great job of giving the students what they need.”

Zach Slevin has always been a strong student and athlete. He worked hard at his studies and sports, which created many opportunities for him after high school. With two parents who work for UW-La Crosse, Zach wanted to hear some ideas and perspectives from someone less connected to the local university. With the help of the Future Center, Zach explored UW-La Crosse, UW-Eau Claire, UW-Madison, Wartburg, Bradley, Butler, St. Olaf, and Augustana. 

After weighing all the options, working through financial aid and scholarship opportunities, considering all the cross country and track programs, and visiting the campuses, Zach decided to stay local and attend UW-La Crosse. He had to concede that his local option simply had the complete package or what he was searching for in a higher education experience. He will be preparing for graduate school to become a physical therapist and will also participate in cross country and track.

“I’m excited about everything. Getting out of the house. Really excited about the track team. It’s unique to be able to train with people who also care about training as much as I do. To have people as intrinsically motivated as I am is going to be awesome. To be able to take more specific courses I’m interested in. Physical Therapy is one thing that I’m passionate about.”

Zach has been an exemplary Logan Ranger. He has worked hard and earned high levels of success from his efforts. He has earned the respect of his teachers, peers, and coaches. The Future Center is proud to have supported Zach’s journey. Zach leaves his peers and future students with some perspective and advice:

“The fact that we have a Future Center: I’m so appreciative. The ability for us to have that is just so unique. Words can’t describe how much it means to the Logan culture. It builds you up and allows you to flourish for whatever you want to be. Building relationships is probably one of the best things you can do. Relationships with teachers, peers, it really does help tremendously with your journey. If I didn’t have the resources I did have, it would have been much harder.  Having that resource there for an extended period of time, especially for me who had a long process, is really valuable.”