Scholarships are a great way to help pay for college.    Scholarships are considered merit based aid and do not have to be paid back.   Scholarships are awarded for many different reasons, with different criteria for each.  Most scholarships require completing an application.   Some also require the completion of essay questions or letters of recommendation.

Different scholarship opportunities:

  1. MiscellaneousScholarship-list update 2024 for a list of national, state and local scholarship opportunities.  This list is updated by the Future Center frequently.
  2. Central High School has approximately 70 general scholarships that are awarded to seniors each year.  Click here to get the application and learn more about the criteria required.
  3. Logan High School also has many general scholarships they award to their students.  Click here to learn more about criteria and deadlines to get Logan scholarship dollars.
  4. Wisconsin Higher Education Aids Board has grants, scholarships and loans.  Learn more about reciprocity to attend out of state schools as well.
  5. Specific college scholarships. Check out the colleges you are interested in.  Most have scholarships specific to incoming freshman.
  6. National scholarship opportunities are listed below. TIP:   you should NEVER pay money to apply for a scholarship.
  7. Military.  If you are planning to go into the military or are the child of a veteran, the branches of military have opportunities for you.  Scroll to bottom of page to check out what is available.


If you need helping fill out forms, answering essay questions, or finding a scholarship that you qualify for, email Future Center Advisor Kathi Millard at


University of Wisconsin-Madison

Bucky’s Tuition Promise Award: Grants and scholarships to cover tuition and fees for families with an AGI below $60,000 for up to 4 years

Badger Tuition Promise Award: Covers tuition and fees for first-generation college students transferring from a Wisconsin 2-year college to UW-Madison for 1-2 years

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Foundation Scholarships Multiple scholarships are available for incoming freshmen and continuing students.

University of Wisconsin-Parkside

Parkside Promise Award: Covers remaining tuition and fees after federal aid for students who have an EFC of 1500 or less on the FAFSA

University of Wisconsin-Platteville

Pioneer Pledge Award: Covers remaining cost of tuition for students receiving the Pell grant for up to 4 years

Wisconsin Higher Education Aids Board Grants and Scholarships

The Higher Educational Aids Board (HEAB) is the state agency responsible for the management and oversight of the state’s student financial aid system for Wisconsin residents attending institutions of higher education. It also may enter into interstate agreements, such as remission of nonresident tuition.

HEAB administers programs of student financial aid, including grant, scholarship, and loan programs; tuition reciprocity agreements; and tuition capitation contracts.

The below are grants and do not have to be repaid. Eligibility is based primarily on financial need.   Each have specific eligibility requirements.


Wisconsin Higher Education Aids Board Loans

Unlike grants and scholarships, loans must be repaid. The current state loan programs were created to address specific needs in Wisconsin. Some or all of the debt from these loans may be forgiven if the student works in Wisconsin in the specified field after completing their degree.


Want to attend school out of state? Tuition reciprocity agreements reduce the cost of out-of-state tuition for Wisconsin residents attending specific schools in other states.

National Scholarship Databases

Scholarship databases are websites you create a profile for. You should NEVER pay for these services because no one can guarantee you will receive a scholarship. Fill out all profile questions and identifiers to maximize your results. These websites will connect your profile and/or registered email address to all scholarship opportunities that have a connection to your profile. We suggest students use 1-4 of these databases to maximize opportunities. Many scholarships are found on multiple websites. Do not be surprised to see repeats in matches. Most of these resources are pretty similar and equal in value, but talk to your Future Center advisor if you would like specific suggestions.