The ongoing struggle with racism has been acted violently over and over against Black Lives. This past several months have been particularly tragic period for the country and our region. The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis and Jacob Blake in Kenosha at the hands of community servants represent a few of the most recent abuses against the black community that cannot be ignored.
We are equal parts sad and frustrated because racial divisions continue to tear holes in the fabric of this country, and La Crosse Promise wishes to be part of a solution—knowing that no easy or quick solutions exist. This is a systemic and historical problem in our country.
It is important that we reaffirm our values at this time and promote them within our community. We stand in support of every Black child and family. And La Crosse Promise works with any community member who would like service or assistance from us. We take pride in serving those in need of social and/or cultural capital to navigate complex and life-changing decisions. We understand that students and community members are unique individuals who hold diverse identities, and those identities cannot be ignored or be forced to change to meet the desires or expectations of dominant culture.
To our families and students who hold minority status or minoritized identities: know you will always find care and support from La Crosse Promise. We believe in equitable practices and providing opportunities to every member of our community. And we will continue to look inward, examining our practices to avoid perpetuating racism or marginalizing any member of the community.
We seek to build a stronger community through educational opportunities for all. You can always expect to be met with respect and support when you work with La Crosse Promise.