Financial aid, scholarships and loans are all ways to help pay for the cost of college.   But how much will college actually cost?

There are several tools that can help you determine what you college costs will be.


uAspire’s College Cost Calculator can help you make the best decision financially about the which college to attend.  You can figure out how much you’ll have to pay, including estimates for your indirect expenses and loan repayment, and compare costs between colleges easily.   Here is what you need to do to get started:

1.  Gather all the financial aid offers you received from the colleges you applied to.

2.  Click here to create an account with uAspire.

3.  Enter in the financial aid information from each of your financial aid offers. If you get stuck, there are instructions, help text, and tips throughout the calculator. If you need additional support, talk to your Future Center Advisor.

4.  Once you enter all of your financial aid offers, review the summary page for the types of financial aid from each college, the estimated bills, and potential indirect expenses. Compare your options to you know the financial considerations for each college choice.

College Navigator

The College Navigator,  from the National Center for Educational Statistics is a great tool to find the college that is right for you and the cost. 

You can search for any college in any state.  The site provides general information about each college, tuition, fees, student expenses, financial aid, enrollment figures, retention and graduation rates, programs and majors, admission requirements and more.  

Click here to start your search.