Frequently Asked Questions

Home Renovation – Neighborhood Program

Would a home qualify if it was built or renovated by a developer but I am the first person to move in?

Yes. A builder can purchase a lot or home and develop it. A family should make their offer to purchase this home contingent upon being accepted as a La Crosse Promise Family. Once their conditional offer to purchase has been accepted, they can complete and submit their La Crosse Promise application.

What types of properties are excluded in this phase of the program?

Manufacturing and commercial properties are excluded, as are rental properties not being converted to owner occupied under the proposed construction activities.

Do I need to get pre-qualified for a loan first?

The La Crosse Promise Neighborhood Scholarship Program is designed for any qualifying homeowners or home buyers who have the financial ability to renovate their current home, buy and renovate an existing house, or purchase a lot and build a new home.

Your very first task is to visit one or more qualified mortgage lenders of your choice to get pre-qualified. Practically speaking, you can expect to pay more than $175,000 to build a very simple home on a Promise lot, so make sure you qualify for a mortgage before going too far into the process. This also is the case for buying a spec home.

Once you have been pre-approved, we urge you to contact us if you need assistance. We have volunteers available with expertise in home construction, real estate, and design.

Call us at 608.789.2049 or via email

What if my new home is destroyed (by fire, storm damage, etc.) and we are required to rent or move out of the district for a time?

An appeals board will review special circumstances.