Explore Your Future

The Future Centers equip high school students to seize success after graduation. Students are empowered to advance their education as far as they desire to discover rewarding careers. Advisors connect with students one on one and develop plans to enhance opportunities and address individual barriers. Since 2012, Future Centers have guided students to success.  Academic and career planning activities include:

  • Career exploration through speakers, job shadows, internships and workforce connections
  • Relationship-building with local employers, education institutions, unions and other professional organizations
  • College exploration and assistance with the entire college application process
  • Financial planning
  • Mentoring students, including at-risk and first-generation college students


“Don’t be afraid to start that conversation even though it might be scary and awkward in the beginning. I received so much help with scholarships and essays. Even just having one person look over those applications can really help. It has been good to bounce ideas off someone who has a lot of experience.”


“I actually don’t know how students at other schools get their things done without a Future Center.”


“The Future Center does a great job of giving the students what they need.”


“Use the Future Center as much as you can.  I feel like I had a really smooth college application process.”


“Use the Future Center as much as you can.”

Madeline "Maddy"

“The Future Center made me see that I had a unique and interesting perspective of my own to share.” 


“The Future Center helped me get ready for scholarship interviews that were really stressing me out,” MyLe said. “I wouldn’t have gotten as many scholarships as I did without help from the Future Center.” 


“Having a plan A and B is not enough. Even A, B, C is not enough. You need to fully understand as many possibilities as you can. I had a plan A B C D and even my backup plans fell through, once I started looking more closely. Understand what your choices really mean so you can try to land on a plan you can be happy with. Even from just talking about leveraging offers to different colleges. Learning how to be an advocate for myself.”

Mai Der

“Senior year there’s just so much going on. But I think it was my best year because I accomplished so many things. And finding help from the Future Center about all the different resources that I didn’t know existed.”


“Without the Future Center’s help, I would have had a lot more stress and anxiety. 


“I can guarantee I would not have as much scholarship money if I did not have help in the Future Center. I also would have been way behind on FAFSA, and the little details would have gone right over my head.”  


“The Future Center taught me how to follow directions and prioritize better.  I feel a little less scared about he demands of college.”


“If you want to get on the right path, the Future Center is the place to go. If you come in with baggage or barriers, start from scratch and don’t hold grudges, and the Future Center will help you start with a clean slate and build you up from that.”