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Future Centers Launch Virtual Library

La Crosse Promise Future Center Advisors are in the office and ready to meet with students. Matt Gordy and Hayley Moe are available, and you should reach out to them for career and college advice. They are here to support your academic and career plans! Reach them via email: or

In the meantime, check out our virtual videos for resources on your own time.

La Crosse Promise: a catalyst for community vitality through educational opportunity.

La Crosse Promise is a non-profit, transforming La Crosse, Wisconsin by improving the quality of life for all citizens through education initiatives.

A Promise of $50,000


Families that build or buy a new home, or renovate a home in select La Crosse neighborhoods will receive up to $50,000 in education scholarships through the La Crosse Promise Neighborhood Program.

For many families, owning a home and higher education are only dreams. La Crosse Promise is committed to making those dreams come true. Adult learners can also realize their dreams of continuing their education as well.

Future Centers

In addition, La Crosse Promise Future Centers, located in La Crosse high schools, provide students with a wide range of career and college resources to ensure they graduate ready to seize their goals.




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Neighborhood Impact

9th Street Transformation

Become a La Crosse Promise Family!

Benefits: Up to $50,000 in education scholarships.

Up to $50,000 in grants from La Crosse County to help you acquire and prepare a property.

Purchase a lot in one of the most desirable cities in Wisconsin—with lots available from the City.

Receive up to $40,000 in funds for renovation projects.

Live in a new house or updated home near downtown with beautiful riverside parks, libraries, great shopping, eateries, and entertainment nearby.

More incentives from local employers, including loan forgiveness.

Beautiful new home designs to choose from.

Get started:

Revitalization Efforts in the City of La Crosse

Where are the La Crosse Promise Homes and Potential Properties?

IMPACT! City of La Crosse Replacement Homes Map


Be a Part of the Neighborhood

Join the revitalized neighborhoods in the core of La Crosse, with many like-minded, civically-engaged neighbors. Enjoy the convenience of living close to historic downtown La Crosse.

Major employers • Great schools • Beautiful riverfront parks • Libraries and community centers • Top-rated restaurants • Unique shopping experiences • Entertainment • Outdoor recreation

“My wife and I work hard to provide the right home and a good education for our children. This program lets us have both, and it is wonderful to have this opportunity.”

– La Crosse Promise homeowner

Peace of Mind

It is never too early to invest in a child’s education. The cost of post-secondary education continues to increase, so locking in a scholarship now for a grade-school or middle-school child will provide years of financial peace of mind. The La Crosse Promise Neighborhood Program is offering a unique opportunity to earn a significant scholarship for a child to pursue further education after high school.

A $50,000 scholarship is equivalent to saving $250 per month in a college fund for 12 years.


“We were originally looking at completely different areas to move to in La Crosse, but we can say with absolute certainty that the only reason we moved into the neighborhood was because of the Promise Program. When we moved in, we thought it would take perhaps a decade to start to see improvement in the neighborhood. In a single year, we have seen as much improvement as we had hoped we would in our original projection. You folks are doing fine work!”

La Crosse Promise Homeowners since 2017

Our Partners

  • City Government of La Crosse and Onalaska, Wis.
  • School District of La Crosse
  • County of La Crosse
  • Representatives of Gundersen Health System, Mayo Clinic Health System, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Viterbo University, Western Technical College
  • Various business community-members from a wide range of sectors.
  • 11 area-lending institutions
  • La Crosse Neighborhood Development Corporation
  • La Crosse Promise Scholarship Homeowners


“La Crosse County has recognized neighborhood revitalization as a priority for our community’s continued growth and vitality and is grateful for La Crosse Promise’s leadership in this regard. La Crosse Promise has consistently pulled key stakeholders to the table and led important discussions about neighborhood challenges, leading to some great success so far. The County looks forward to continued partnership with La Crosse Promise.”

Brian Fukuda, La Crosse County


In the Corporate Community:


“At Empire Screen Printing, we want to share in La Crosse Promise’s efforts being a positive catalyst for change in our community through education, career mentoring and neighborhood revitalization. La Crosse Promise administers this mission of civic pride and youth investment with compassion and enthusiasm. We are proud to stand alongside La Crosse Promise in this mission.”

Amy Bettis, Empire Screen Printing


Safeguarded Fund

La Crosse Promise awards a scholarship only after the full scholarship amount has been raised, thus guaranteeing the availability of those funds when the student graduates. This fund is being invested and safeguarded by community leaders who have committed to support this program.


A Great Place to Live

My wife and I used to live in the suburbs. Then we looked at a house near downtown La Crosse, fell in love, and moved in within six months. The convenience is tremendous. Our five kids can walk or bike to any team practice or school activity. My wife is four blocks from her work and I am seven blocks from mine. I didn’t realize how much I disliked the commute until I didn’t have to do it anymore. Now we have more time with our kids because none of us have the commute.”

– La Crosse Promise Neighborhood Resident

A Great Place to Live

Families living near downtown La Crosse will enjoy a vibrant lifestyle that is more convenient, sustainable, and community-oriented.


  • Nearby bike paths & outdoor recreation
  • Shorter commute = lower carbon footprint
  • More time for family, neighborhood connection, and meaningful after-work activities
  • Close proximity to entertainment, cultural events, and great locally owned restaurants
  • Weekly farmer’s market a few blocks away


More than 900 thriving businesses are located within walking distance of these neighborhoods.
History of La Crosse (Wisconsin Public Television)

Education is Key


La Crosse Promise is focused on education. We think differently about how to impact the community by investing in people through educational initiatives. We do that through two innovative programs

  1. Advising centers in Logan and Central high schools that help students achieve their college and career goals. We believe in students going as far as they desire in life.
  2.  Nationally-unique neighborhood program that uses education scholarship dollars as an incentive for new housing activity in the city’s most challenged areas.

An education-minded community is more likely to experience decreased crime, improved health, more family stability and increased civic involvement. Participating in this program will demonstrate a commitment to education that will give children a better chance at having financially stable lives as adults.

Visit School District of La Crosse 


The La Crosse Promise Neighborhood Program is designed for any qualifying homeowners or home buyers who have the financial ability to renovate their current home, buy and renovate an existing house, purchase a new spec home, or purchase a lot and build a new home. Once the home is complete and other requirements are met, we will award up to $50,000 in scholarships sent in increments to the accredited college of choice.

For those families who would like to use the scholarship for dependent children, the intended student cannot be in high school before move-in date. The family must stay in the home at least four years to qualify for the scholarship.

We are currently accepting applications for families that build, buy, or renovate a single-family home within specific neighborhoods. The family must contribute a minimum of $150,000 in project investment through personal resources or market-rate financing. The total maximum lifetime scholarship for an individual student is $25,000. The maximum lifetime amount awarded to a family is $50,000. The scholarship may be used at any  accredited public or private college in the United States. Adults who are on the deed of the home as well as dependent children (not yet in high school) are eligible for the scholarship award.

To get started, request an application by contacting La Crosse Promise via email or by calling (608) 789-2049.

How It Works

Build a New House*

Meet with a lender to get pre-qualified for the lot and construction loan
Request a Build Family application from La Crosse Promise
Choose a lot (Currently starting at about $5,000, subject to change.)
Submit the La Crosse Promise application for approval
Choose a house plan
Obtain a cost estimate
Purchase the lot
Submit a copy of the contractor bid
Complete project within one year
Live in the home for at least four years

*You also have the option to buy a new spec scholarship home listed for sale. Once you purchase the home, you have 60 days after closing to apply for the scholarship.

Renovate an Existing House

Meet with a lender to get pre-qualified for a construction loan
Request a Renovate Family application from La Crosse Promise
Choose a home or renovate your current home
Talk to contractors and obtain a cost estimate
Submit an application and intentions for the renovation to La Crosse Promise
After receiving our approval, begin renovations
Complete project within one year
Live in the home for at least four years

Support Along the Way

La Crosse Promise will help program participants every step of the way—from finding a builder to securing financing.

Nearly a dozen local bank and credit union lenders have teamed up to provide financing for program participants. These lenders have agreed to raise the loan-to-value threshold requirement for mortgage insurance from 80% to 95% for qualified borrowers, saving families as much as $100 every month.

In addition, some employers offer additional incentives and financial assistance for employees to help cover costs of buying and building.

The City of La Crosse offers free house plans for Neighborhood Program families. These designs meet City building standards and will quickly pass the permitting process.