Future Success: Marcus


“The Future Center helped me learn how to follow deadlines and prioritize better. I feel a little scared actually about the demands of college, but I feel like I’m pretty prepared now thanks to Future Center.”

College is something that is important to me. I am interested in physics, math and engineering and hope to go to University of Wisconsin-Madison after starting at UW-La Crosse. AP physics got me interested in sciences.  My goal is to get a well-paying job in the future at a job I enjoy.  But I had to start somewhere and I am a big procrastinator.   My parents were pretty set on having me figure out the college enrollment process on my own. It was challenging for me to find time to apply for scholarships and just basically understanding the basic steps myself. The Future Center pushed the importance of the FAFSA to me so I got it started and completed.

Financing my college education is a big issue for me as well as being able to keep up with schoolwork. I plan on to participate in a dual Physics/Engineering program at UW-La Crosse and then transfer to engineering college at UW-Madison.  I am looking forward to moving away and living on own, but I also know I need to push myself so I am ready to tackle independent study and stay on top of deadlines.

Without the Future Center, there’s so much I wouldn’t have known about scholarships and I think I would have procrastinated so much that I would have missed out.  Between AP classes, track, work, and major senioritis, I needed that extra push to get stuff done and stay on track.

I’ve also had strong connections with some of my teachers here, who I hope to stay in touch with. They’ve really cared about my future and you can tell when teachers care about students. I feel lucky that way and with the honors level courses, clubs and extracurricular activities, there are so many opportunities here at Logan.

 I would recommend that students start preparing for college enrollment the summer before senior year at least. There’s no point in waiting because you’ll have so much going on before graduation. I think even if the Future Center services were offered in the summer that would be helpful to a lot of students. I feel like I waited too long. And without the Future Center, I would have waited even longer.