Future Success: Emma


“I know now that’s really important to get these things done and not be afraid. I don’t know if I could have done all of this on my own.”
University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire to major in Biology

Coming to the Future Center nearly every day her senior year proved to make life a little better for Emma, she says, and much less stressful.

“It was so calming there. I spent a lot of time in the Future Center and I know for a fact it not only benefited my future but also made my senior year better and a lot happier, thanks to Ms. Moe’s advice and encouragement. I loved coming in every day.”

Wondering what she was going to do with her life after graduation, Emma first came into the Future Center to sign up for Hands on Health Day, a special field trip for students to visit Gundersen Health System and learn about careers in the medical field.

“I was interested in the medical field but, due to many factors, I couldn’t job shadow some of the roles I was drawn to, so I decided to go to Hands on Health Day and it really helped me with my decision. We participated in simulation labs at the ICE (Integrated Center for Education). I got to make a cast and then feel a pulse on a dummy patient.  I met with physicians and physical therapists and it was so exciting. I was dead set on becoming a nurse but now I want to be a doctor.”

Emma had to make some important decisions her senior year and one of them surprised her.

“All of my life since I was little, I wanted to be in the military.  It was my set plan. My aunt and uncle are officers and I admire them. When it was finally time to make that decision I found out about ROTC where you serve four years in the reserves while you get your bachelor’s degree and then you are required to serve four years’ active duty.  But then I went to the Hands on Health Day and I realized that I needed more than four years’ undergrad to pursue the career I wanted.”

Emma credits her work at the Future Center with helping her decide on which college she should attend and deciding on her major. She took AP biology and feels she is prepared for the heavy workload.  She eventually chose the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire because it was close enough to home to visit friends and family but far enough away to maintain her independence.

“What I am most looking forward to most when I get to school is the independence. I feel like I can be more of a leader and a better person if I am able to figure things out on my own especially with how much schooling becoming a doctor takes. It is a little scary and I know it’s a big workload, but I love being a student and I think I am going to really love college.”

When she found out she was accepted to UW-Eau Claire, she was so excited to tell Ms. Moe. “I was so proud to share that with her right away.  She has done so much for me in helping me get to this point.  She has definitely instilled more confidence in me. She has prepared me by making sure my emails were professional when I was applying for jobs and for college. That’s a big deal.”

Emma encourages other students to visit the Future Center early and often.

“I know now that’s really important to get these things done and not be afraid. I don’t know if I could have done all of this on my own.”