Amanda’s Story


“The Future Center helped me with all the details when I was sending in my college applications. The Future Center gave me some advice about sending in my transcripts and answered questions I had about orientation and other activities. In doing this, it made me more comfortable with talking to advisors who I’ve never met before.”

I was in AVID for two years of high school, and when I was a freshman, they introduced us to the Future Center and the opportunities they had to offer. I first used the Future Center to sign up for college visits, and then my senior year I started looking at colleges. It wasn’t until this year that I realized that I truly needed more of the Future Center’s services.

I recommend that students visit the Future Center. They are great people and the better connection you have with them, the more they can help.  I knew I wanted to go to college but I definitely thought more about my decisions with their help.

I feel fortunate that I got that assistance. I always knew that I was going to attend a 4-year college. My father never went to college and he has a factory job, working nights. My mother has her Associate’s degree, and she has had trouble sustaining a stable job in the past. I knew the only way for me to be successful in the world now is to attain at least a Bachelor’s degree.

Attending UW-Eau Claire major with Marketing or Business Management