La Crosse, WI (December 11, 2017) – As La Crosse Promise wraps up year two of their Neighborhood Revitalization Program, the organization is expanding its renovation incentives in the Powell-Poage-Hamilton and Washburn neighborhoods.

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Families who qualify could receive $25,000 or $50,000 in education scholarships for significantly renovating properties in Powell-Poage-Hamilton and Washburn. To receive these incentives, renovators must invest $30,000 and $60,000 respectively.

The program also aims to partner well with generous renovation incentive programs offered by the City of La Crosse. The City has recently acquired a property 911 5th Ave. (pictured here) that will be marketed as a renovation project. It will be listed for sale after a thorough inspection is completed. VIEW LISTING

On Wednesday, December 13 at 3 p.m., the City of La Crosse will showcase the home at 911 5th Avenue for media. This three-bedroom home would qualify for a La Crosse Promise Scholarship if all program requirements are met. According to the City, the home must remain owner-occupied as part of the purchase agreement.  Representatives from the City and La Crosse Promise will be available for interviews.

The home at 911 5th Avenue is directly across the street from another home whose owners are taking advantage of the La Crosse Promise renovation program. In addition, the City has demolished the condemned property to the immediate south of 911 5th Street to make way for new construction. The new construction home will also be La Crosse Promise eligible.

“By next spring, this block will look dramatically different,” said La Crosse Promise Executive Director Brian Liesinger. “With another new Promise home, two renovated Promise homes, and new homes built by Coulee Cap and Habitat for Humanity, you will be able to stand in the middle of this block and witness an inspiring picture of community impact. Working together, we improve these neighborhoods in a manner that has had a widespread positive effect on all of the city.”

The target of the La Crosse Promise neighborhood program is to award the scholarship funds to 30 families who either buy or build new homes or renovate existing homes. This has all been made possible through significant donations from three anonymous donors. To date, there are 10 new Promise homes occupied by scholarship recipients, with six additional homes under construction, and one renovation project.

The La Crosse Promise placed-based scholarship program is the only one in the country that offers scholarships to residents who build, buy or renovate homes in select neighborhoods. All scholarships for adult and dependent learners can be used at any accredited college or university. Additional requirements apply and can be found at