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Promise Scholarship Eligible Properties for Sale

La Crosse Promise does not sell homes and properties. We offer scholarships to homeowners who buy, build, or renovate in select La Crosse, WI neighborhoods. The properties listed below qualify for a household scholarship for college of up to $50,000. If you purchase a new home, you must apply for the La Crosse Promise Scholarship in order to secure the funds.  Please call 608-789-2049 or email to request an application.  Requirements and Policies

How do I get the scholarship?



807-811 6th Street Twindos (2 units each qualify for scholarship) sale pending

Call Spies Construction for more information  608.781.3797. Listing

921 Farnam St.

For Sale Contact Wied Investments for more information 608.513.2501. Listing

915 5th Avenue

Ward Construction LLC 608.317.8175

Listing: 819 6th Street


Vacant Lots for Sale: Contact the City of La Crosse at  608-789-7360 for more information.

City of La Crosse site here

The vacant lots and properties listed below are La Crosse Promise Scholarship eligible. Developers building in a Promise eligible neighborhood may be eligible to obtain a scholarship for the future homeowner.


1218 6th St S- $8,800.00: Price Reduction! This vacant lot is available for sale for the construction of a single family owner occupied home. Lot is 40′ wide x 140′ deep, please check with Fire Prevention and Building Safety for front, rear and side yard setbacks. The home must meet the City’s Single Family design standards and Purchaser must agree to sign the Real Estate Purchase Agreement (Vacant Land). The lot is located in the Sanford Archaeological District. The home must be at least 1.5-2 stories tall.

942 Johnson  View

1110 10th Street  View

905 5th Avenue (3 lots for one single family home)  sale pending View