Promise Scholarship Eligible Properties for Sale

La Crosse Promise does not sell homes and properties. We offer scholarships to homeowners who buy, build or renovate in select La Crosse, WI neighborhoods. The properties listed below qualify for a household scholarship for college of up to $50,000. If you purchase a new home, you must apply for the La Crosse Promise Scholarship in order to secure the funds.  Please call 608-789-2049 or email to request an application.  Requirements and Policies

How do I get the scholarship?




921 5th Ave For Sale. Completely renovated.


Vacant Lots for Sale: Contact the City of La Crosse at  608-789-7360 for more information.

The vacant lots and properties listed below are La Crosse Promise Scholarship eligible. Developers building in a Promise eligible neighborhood may be eligible to obtain a scholarship for the future homeowner.

City of La Crosse site here.