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Promise Eligible Lots and Homes for Sale

Note:  La Crosse Promise does not sell homes and properties. We offer scholarships to homebuyers who buy, build, or renovate in select La Crosse, WI neighborhoods.

For Sale: 

504 Johnson Street – $167,000 (subject to change)

Contact: Delores Spies  (608) 781-3797 or

Eligible properties owned by builder: (Call  608-792-1137 for information)

Home designs to come.

943 Farnam

931 Farnam

Lots for Sale

The vacant lots listed below are La Crosse Promise Scholarship eligible. La Crosse Promise provides scholarships to families that renovate, buy or build a home in select neighborhoods. Developers building in a Promise eligible neighborhood may be eligible to obtain a scholarship for the future homeowner.

For more information on the steps to purchase a City lot please click here.

City design guidelines click here.

Lots available: 

1206 7th Street Offer accepted!

921 Farnam Street/922 Hood (one lot)