La Crosse, WI (October 11, 2016) – La Crosse Promise is excited to announce the completion of the first La Crosse Promise home, located at 1217 6th Street South.   The home was built by Spies Construction for Lissa Carlson and her family.

A news conference is scheduled for 4 p.m. on October 12 at the home. The Carlson family, builder and La Crosse Promise board members will be in attendance.

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The organization unveiled the La Crosse Promise Neighborhood Program in September 2015. The initiative is designed to encourage education-focused, urban pioneers to build or renovate homes in the Powell-Poage-Hamilton and Washburn neighborhoods, in exchange for receiving up to $50,000 in scholarship dollars for college education.

The second La Crosse Promise Scholarship home is scheduled to be completed by December 1.  In addition, one spec home at 717 S. 7th Street is complete and two are under construction.  These homes are La Crosse Promise Scholarship Eligible and are for sale.  The renovation portion of the program is also in the works.

A desired outcome of the program is to raise overall neighborhood values and instill more confidence in the real estate market in these areas.

Scholarship Details 

For the La Crosse Promise “Build” Scholarship, the family must contribute a minimum of $150,000 in construction investment. La Crosse Promise will also reward families that agree to renovate an existing home assessed at less than $150,000 in these neighborhoods. Families applying to this program submit their plans to increase the appraised value of their home by a minimum of $50,000, with an expected final appraised value of at least $150,000.  There is also an option to encourage the conversion of multi-unit rental properties into single family dwellings. Builders also have the opportunity to reserve a La Crosse Promise scholarship for a spec home built in the neighborhood.

The total maximum lifetime scholarship for an individual student is $25,000, or $6250 per year for four-year colleges. Students attending two-year programs on a full-time basis can receive up to $3000 per year. The maximum lifetime amount awarded to a La Crosse Promise Build/Renovate Family is $50,000. The scholarship may be used at regionally accredited public and private colleges in the State of Wisconsin.

A commitment from the student and his/her family is critical to the program. In order to qualify for a scholarship, the family must reside in the home at least four years.  Therefore, the oldest child in the family must inhabit the new home prior to entering high school. If selling the home, they must continue to remain a resident of the City of La Crosse until the youngest scholarship recipient has graduated from a qualifying high school. Adult scholarships are also available.

In addition, La Crosse Promise eligible students who are in high school are expected to meet with their La Crosse Promise Future Center advisor at least twice, apply for three additional scholarships, maintain good academic standing at their educational institution, and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.


For program details, please call 608.792.1137 or email