This Program provides up to $50,000 in education dollars to those who build, buy, or significantly renovate homes in La Crosse’s most challenged neighborhoods. The program attracts a variety of home buyers to the city’s core neighborhoods to reverse the decades-long decline. Donors allowed us to launch this program in 2015 with generous investment in the community totaling $1.5 million. To date the La Crosse Promise Neighborhood Revitalization Program has incentivized construction of 35 new and substantially renovated homes representing $6.6 million of new private investment in the PPH and Washburn Neighborhoods. This has evoked a related ‘halo’ investment of another estimated $1.3 million with renovation of existing homes. Through their investment commitment, owners of LP homes have earned more than $1.1 million in La Crosse Promise scholarships available to be used by child and adult family members. Last year the La Crosse Promise disbursed more than $50,000 in scholarship funding to LP family members attending 2 year technical colleges and 4 year universities.

The Carlson Family

See how La Crosse Promise has made an impact on the Carlson family who built a new home in one of our target neighborhoods.

The Caucutt Family

See how the Caucutt family renovated their home in a target neighborhood to take advantage of scholarship opportunities.

The Burke Family

See how the Burke family utilized the La Crosse Promise to further educational success.