Future Center Fairs


Thursday, March 16th  Logan High School          11am – 1:30pm

Thursday, March 23rd  Central High School      11am – 1:30pm


Thank you for participating in our Future Center Fairs for 2023. The fairs are designed to give students the chance to learn more about opportunities available in the community as they plan their futures. You as employers…the experts, will answer questions about job opportunities, what it takes to do your job and work at your company, education required, classes that would be helpful to take, etc. You can be instrumental in guiding students and educating them as they make choices about their futures.

Registration Deadline: March 3,2023

  • Exhibit space is $50 for one, $100 for two
  • Includes 1 table, 2 chairs, and lunch for each event
  • Set up starts at 9:30am
  • Curbside valet assistance available at both schools
  • Alternate parking required at Central. Shuttle provided

    Registration Instructions

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