La Crosse Promise is dedicated to making a significant difference in the future of the City of La Crosse by linking education and neighborhood revitalization.


Photo -new home on Tyler street La Crosse1.  We offer economic incentives through scholarships to families who buy or renovate properties in our targeted neighborhoods.  We believe that an education-minded community will strengthen the region’s core; as much as $50,000 will be given to a La Crosse Promise Family for their children’s college education.

2.  We also help the city’s youth maximize their potential for career success by operating Future Centers in area high schools. Our advisors guide students through the process of seeking and securing educational opportunities beyond high school.

We believe the La Crosse community and area businesses will benefit from our  mission as we help families improve neighborhoods by purchasing homes in areas that need revitalization and through our scholarship program.

We’re building a better La Crosse. That’s our promise.