What other home buying incentives are available?

Why Employers Offer Affordable Housing Incentives

  1. Allows an employer to expand operations and recruit new employees.
  2. Increases stability in the workforce as turnover decreases.
  3. Reduces absenteeism, tardiness, and stress as commuting times decrease. Raises moraleistock_000016935095xsmall and increases productivity.
  4. Helps stabilize deteriorating neighborhoods. Improving or replacing dilapidated housing in a company’s immediate neighborhood can have positive effects on a firm’s property values and address safety issues for employees.
  5. Offers opportunities for a return on an employer’s investment when structured appropriately through partnerships with developers.

Employer Assisted Housing Resource Guide

Most programs involve some type of down payment assistance for employees purchasing a home in a specific area. It is usually structured as a five-year forgivable loan and secured by a lien on the new home.

These programs can be stacked with the Promise program (requirements apply):

Mayo Clinic Health System:

Employees can receive a $5,000 grant. The home must be located in the Washburn or Powell-Poage-Hamilton Neighborhoods. There are no income eligibility requirements.  Visit mayoclinichealthsystem.org or call 608-392-2860.

Gundersen Health System:

Employees receive funds for the first year property taxes. The home must be located in the Powell-Poage-Hamilton Neighborhood. There are no income eligibility requirements.

Call  608-775-5471 or visit gundersenhealth.org.

La Crosse County:

Other housing programs:

The City of La Crosse has a range of programs, including renovation programs and income-qualified programs.

Couleecap: First-time homebuyers’ assistance with process, down payment and closing costs. Programs are typically income-qualified. Visit couleecap.org or call 866-717-9490

Habitat for Humanity also runs income-qualified programs.