Employment Opportunity: Executive Director

La Crosse Promise seeks an Executive Director to make meaningful, lasting impact in the community through innovative education programs. We’re looking for someone to improve the lives of youth in the community and invigorate our neighborhoods.

Who we are:

La Crosse Promise is a catalyst for community vitality through educational opportunity. We believe that by improving access and equity in education we improve the entire community. We believe in investing in people through educational incentives. We believe that an education-minded community will experience decreased crime, decreased poverty, greater social connection, and greater overall health. Read more about our mission at lacrossepromise.org and read about our commitment to equity and inclusion

Position Summary and Job Description

The La Crosse Promise Executive Director is the chief executive officer and provides day-to-day leadership for the organization. The executive director has overall responsibility for program, human resources, budget, and public relations. This person represents La Crosse Promise in the community. The individual also works in partnership with the Board of Directors to ensure that La Crosse Promise meets requirements, plans responsibly, works positively with funders and the community, and works toward fulfillment of the La Crosse Promise mission.

Overall Management:

  • Assume primary responsibility for all organization operations.
  • Provide leadership in all areas of Promise programming, philanthropy and development, management, and team building.
  • Develop appropriate planning efforts, ensure plan implementation, and oversee that staff and leadership regularly monitor progress.
  • Mentor and motivate the staff regarding the vision and mission of La Crosse Promise. 
  • Ensure the appropriateness of all job descriptions and salary ranges, performance expectations and measures of accountability, and continually empower staff to fulfill their roles and functions.


  • Ensures the use of the La Crosse Promise mission as a basis for planning, program, and decision-making. Ensures that public relations, publicity, and community efforts demonstrate the mission of La Crosse Promise.  
  • Provides education and training on the La Crosse Promise  mission and related issues for staff, board, and community as needed. 
  • Maintains and demonstrates familiarity with issues facing access to post-secondary education and neighborhood revitalization
  • Works with staff and the Board of Directors to monitor the execution of the La Crosse Promise scholarship program. 
  • Directs La Crosse Promise Future Centers and provides collaborative leadership, support, and oversight.

Board Interaction

  • Works collaboratively with the Board of Directors, the President in particular, to set strategic goals, establish policy, and enhance human and financial resources to assure the continued growth and success of the organization.
  • Serves as an advisor to the Board of Directors to support its leadership role and assist its ability to make informed decisions.
  • Assists the Board of Directors in its ongoing recruitment and retention of members with the skills and knowledge that are useful to La Crosse Promise’s organizational development.
  • Maintains a cooperative and communicative relationship with the Board of Directors, assuring they have information necessary to carry out their responsibilities. 
  • Assists the Board in short-and long-range planning and works with Board members to carry out plans, review them, and modify them as necessary. 
  • With the President, prepares the agenda for monthly Board of Directors meetings. Attends all Board of Directors meetings and functions. Works with Board of Directors committees and assists them in implementing their plans and decisions. 

Philanthropy and Development 

  • Provides leadership and facilitation of resource development.
  • Cultivates foundations, corporate sponsors and individual donors.
  • Works with the Board of Directors and staff to identify, build, and maintain personal relationships with donors and grantors. 
  • Researches, applies for, and administers grants. 
  • Ensures that funders’ accounting requirements are met. 

Fiscal Management 

  • The Executive Director is responsible for overall La Crosse Promise fiscal management. Authorizes bill payment, ensures preparation of fiscal reports as required. Maintains familiarity with La Crosse Promise fiscal position and keeps the Treasurer and Board of Directors informed. 
  • Assesses financial feasibility of current programs and services as well as all new initiatives being considered by  La Crosse Promise based on changing community needs and priorities.
  • Develops annual budget and works closely with staff to assure a financially sound operation.

Human Resources 

  • Employs, supervises, trains, and terminates staff. Maintains personnel records. Develops and maintains familiarity with human resources requirements and uses that knowledge in regularly reviewing and updating La Crosse Promise policies and procedures. 
  • Organizes and structures La Crosse Promise staff to meet the needs of the organization. 
  • Ensures that staff have adequate resources, training, and support. Ensures that staff appraisals are completed and documented per organizational policies. 
  • With the Governance Committee, regularly reviews and updates the Employee Handbook. Reviews, prepares, and updates any other needed policies and procedures. Administers and interprets policies and procedures. 
  • Prepares, reviews, and revises job descriptions and salary ranges as necessary. 

Marketing/Public Relations 

  • Works with staff and the Board of Directors to market the Neighborhood Revitalization program and Future Center events and services to the general public. 
  • Serves as a confident, articulate, and persuasive advocate for La Crosse Promise to increase its visibility with private and public organizations, local government staff, local media, funders, and key community representatives.
  • Networks actively with professional colleagues to support the issues affecting neighborhood revitalization and access to post-secondary education. 
  • Cultivates and develops cooperative relationships in the community and with the School District of La Crosse. 

Interested applicants should send a cover letter, resume, and references to info@lacrossepromise.org. $55,000-$65,000 annual salary, depending on experience, and a competitive benefits package. Priority deadline for applicants: Jan. 8, 2021.