Future Centers

La Crosse Promise Future Centers provide a focal point in our high schools where students and their families can have immediate access to post high school preparation and planning resources. A professional advisor is available to serve students in identifying their career goals and completing the application materials and financial aid forms to pursue their post high school plans. Office hours are scheduled so that students and their families can access these services both during and outside of the regular school day.

The Future Centers exist to support students in making career choices that fit their interests and abilities while meeting the needs of today’s job market. Finding the resources necessary to acquire the certification or degree to achieve your career goals is also an important service provided by the Future Center Advisor. Raising the amount of scholarship dollars awarded to our students is an important Future Center goal. Through this effort, higher education becomes a reality for many more of our high school graduates.

Our Goals

  • Increase the number of students continuing their education after high school.
  • Assist students in discovering opportunities in careers that are sustainable and rewarding.
  • Connect students and their families with the information and resources necessary to pursue post high school options.
  • Educate students and their families about financial aid for post high school education and assist them in the application process.
  • Collaborate with educational institutions on strategies to increase student success in completing post high school degrees/programs.

Our Beliefs

  • Every student can have a successful future.
  • Professional support and assistance will increase the likelihood of students achieving education after high school.
  • Collaboration with Future Center staff helps students find financial assistance to accomplish their educational goals.
  • Providing students with first hand career experiences will allow them to make more informed decisions about their future.
  • Partnering with local businesses, organizations and youth initiatives will enhance the quality of services we provide.

The Beginning of a Community Transformation

La Crosse Promise is working to transform La Crosse into an “education community” – a place where everyone recognizes the lifelong benefits of a career-focused education and works together to provide that opportunity for all students. Future Centers will start that transformation by reaching out to students of all ages and their families to show how important and achievable higher education can be.

Future Centers will also provide valuable data as La Crosse Promise works to better understand and fund the gap between total tuition costs and funding that is currently available.

As La Crosse becomes an “education community” and offers the benefits that that entails, the transformation will continue as education-minded families are drawn to the community. This will build a better workforce for our businesses and create a connection between our students and their community. That attraction to our community will also fuel a transformation of our housing market, alleviating some of our challenging trends.